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Slice of Life 4/11/12

Today my mom decided that I won’t be doing Slices from now on. She thinks that it would be better for me to do the original homework assignment, so this will be my last SoL for this year. I am disappointed, however, as writing these Slices was very fun for me. Writing about books again will be fun, though, and I am glad that I have more time to devote towards reading. So all in all, I will miss writing Slices, but this won’t be absolutely horrible.


Slice of Life 4/10/12

At my house, the cats trust me. I am pretty much the only one who can approach them without them getting scared. They let me pick them up, which is very useful if Hestia is outside and we need to walk somewhere (Hestia usually follows us on walks). I am good enough with them that my mom calls me the cat whisperer, which is a name that I appreciate greatly. I love cats.

Slice of Life 4/9/12

Today I decided to do SoLs for the rest of the school year. At school, for Language Arts, we had the decision between doing SoLs for the rest of the year or doing what we were doing before we did SoLs. I decided to do Slices of Life; what are your opinions? I would like to know!

In other news, we finished off the cake my mom made yesterday. It was a delicious cake that was made because my mom and dad stepped off the diet that we were all supposed to be on, while at the same time not letting brother and I eat what they were (a cake that was so beautiful that… never mind, it simply can’t be described), so mom made us another cake, which my parents agreed was better than the one my brother and I got jealous about.

Slice of Life 4/8/12

Today my dad, my brother and I went to mount tabor park. The day was so beautiful, we just couldn’t stay inside the whole day. I mainly took walks, which I immensely enjoy, as you may have suspected from the fact that I walk to school and back daily. Walks are good exercise and peaceful, so I sometimes take them to let my thoughts focus slightly more. And I just like walks.

Slice of Life 4/7/12

Today I had some gluten free pancakes for breakfast. This may sound weird (I before E except after C unless sounding as A as in neighbor or weigh unless it’s either, weird, or foreign), but they taste just like the old pancakes that I was used to. The chocolate chips probably help drown out the small differences in flavor (yes, we have chocolate chip pancakes sometimes), and they really mostly taste the same as what I’m used to. So I really think that this new diet won’t be utterly horrible, seeing as how many things there are that I am allowed to eat.

And no, the list is perfectly in place in the I before E thing. Spell “either”.

Slice of Life 4/6/12

Today my Language Arts teacher brought her pet rats to school! No matter what you might be thinking, pet rats are very cute, and tame enough to ride on your shoulder without anything for you to worry about. And they are REALLY cute. Pet rats are NOT the stereotypical disease-carrying brown sewer rat. They are not scary in the least, and just awesome. I hope she brings them to school again someday…

Slice of Life 4/4/12

Today I have a kitten in my house.

Wait, I already did that? Dang. Here’s something new, then:

Today I decided to write about writing about writing about writing about writing about…

And that won’t work either, I suppose. I think I should write about how easy this is(n’t) for me. I usually spend WAY more time writing this SoL than I should, and I am just going to (at insistence of my mother) say this is good.

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